The Open Source SLEE and SIP Server

Core Team

The Mobicents team consists of developers distributed around the world. Members join the project at different times on voluntary basis motivated to give back to the community and improve their skills in the process.

Core team:

Ivelin Ivanov (Founder),
M. Ranganathan - Ranga,
Eduardo Martins,
Francesco Moggia,
Leon Do,
Jean Deruelle Mobicents Sip Servlets Project Lead,
Buddy Bright,
Marco Monteiro,
Sancho Cesar Rego,
Niklas Uhrberg,
Ivan McShane,
Oleg Kulikov,
Pavel Mitrenko,
Amit Bhayani,
Vladimir Ralev,
Alex Mendonca,
Luis Barreiro,
Bartosz Baranowski

Top Articles:

ImageInnovation in Europe
The European Union has been working hard to establish a collaborative research environment across member countries. In the area of telecommunications the Commission for Science and Research sponsored several big scale projects under its Framework 6 Programme. One such project named OPUCE started in September. Its purpose is to create an open infrastructure enabling easy service creation and deployment in heterogeneous environments and ambiances. more....

Image IT vendors challange NEPs
Until not long ago the market of telco infrastructure used to be exclusive privilege of a handful vendors collectively known as Network Equipment Providers. Convergence of voice, video and data over the Internet Protocol however opened the door to IT vendors who are quickly recognizing the unique oportunity before them. IMS Insider posted an article showing that soon, IT vendors may be a formidable player in this field and that is no good news for NEPs. more...