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Mobicents Diameter / Applications Overview

Diameter Applications Overview

The following Diameter Applications (Client and Server) are currently supported in Mobicents Diameter solution:  

Diameter Base

The Diameter Base protocol is responsible for establishing, maintaining and terminating connections between Diameter peers and it also provides basic accounting and some methods for authentication and authorization, and session management. The Base protocol can be used for accounting by itself, but for use in authentication and authorization it is always extended for a particular application.

Diameter Base can be extended in several ways to create new authentication/authorization or accounting applications, by defining new Attribute-Value Pairs (AVPs) values, creating new AVPs and/or creating new commands (messages).

Each Diameter application must have an IANA assigned Application Identifier. The base protocol does not require an Application Identifier since its support is mandatory.

The following Application Identifier values are supported to be advertised in Mobicents Diameter:

  • Diameter Common Messages 0
  • Diameter Base Accounting 3

Diameter Credit-Control Application (CCA)


Diameter Ro (IMS Online Charging)


Diameter Rf (IMS Offline Charging)


Diameter Sh (IMS User Data/Profile)


Diameter Cx (IMS User Data/Profile)


Diameter Dx (IMS Multi-HSS Environment)