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Facebook Click To Call

Service Description

This example shows how SIP Servlets can be used along with HTTP servlets to create a Facebook plugin that allows users to call real phones through a SIP-PSTN gateway provider. It stores the current user's phones number in Facebook application store together with the user's profile. It doesn't use the phone numbers already entered in the user profile because of Facebook API security restrictions.

This example consists of the following steps:

  1. Alice and Bob each register at Facebook
  2. Alice navigates to the application and enters her number and Bob's number. Then click "Dial"
  3. Bob's phone rings
  4. When Bob picks up his phone, Allice's phone rings
  5. When Allice answers his phone, the call is connected and they both can hear each other
  6. When one of them hangs up, the other one is also disconnected

How to activate it

As this application is a Facebook plugin, it requires some additional steps to configure it.

  1. Put the necessary passwords or ompletely override the settings in web.xml
  2. When registering the plugin in Facebook choose "iframe application" since it will load in it's own frame.

From the source

We do not provide a binary for this application and the only way to use it is to customize it and build from source code.

Please check out the example at this location from the svn repository. Follow the instructions in the README.txt to build and run the example.

You don't need to modify your DAR file in order to use this application since it does not receive any dialog-creating requests

How to play with it

Just have the phones ready and dial. Note that certain PSTN gatewat service providers can have problems with certain networks. For example we have noticed that international calls between two mobile phones do not always work.

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