The Open Source SLEE and SIP Server

Mobicents Media Server - MMS


Mobicents Media Gateway is open source implementation aimed to:
  1. Deliver competitive, complete, best-of-breed media gateway functionality featuring highest quality.
  2. Meet the demands of converged wireless, wireline, cable broadband access and fixed-mobile converged VoIP networks from a single media gateway platform
  3. Increase flexibility with a media gateway that supports wide variety of call control protocols and scales down to meet the demands of enterprises and small carrier providers.
  4. React quickly to dynamic market requirements.

The latest release of Mobicents Media Server can be downloaded from here

Mobicents Media Server Capabilities

MMS is capable of handling following Audio Codecs

  1. G.711 u-law
  2. G.711 A-law
  3. GSM
  4. Speex - nb
  5. G.729 : This codec is not endabled by default. To use this codec add following line in jboss-service.xml of mobicents-media-server-1.x.y.z.sar/META-INF
    18 = G729, 8000, 8, 1;

    WARNING : The G729 is patented and Codec Implementation of G729 bundled with this release is subject to license terms. Look at

    DISCLAIMER : This code is free (Not charging you to use it), but you might have to pay royalty fees to the G.729 patent holders for using their algorithm. There is NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND DATA ACCURACY. We do not warrant or make any representations regarding the use of the software or the results thereof, including but not limited to the correctness, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of the software

MMS is capable of

  • Endpoints
    1. Announcement Access Point
    2. IVR (Recording) and Generation/Detection of Tone including DTMF (both Inband and RFC2833)
    3. Conference Access Point
    4. Packet Relay Access Point
    5. Loopback (Mostly used for testing)
  • Controllers
    1. MGCP
  • Mobicents has its JSR-309 implementation over MGCP protocol. For details look here

So far there are two major releases of Mobicents Media Server

  • MMS 1.x.y

    MMS 1.x.y is near end of life-cycle and no new feature will be added. Only bug fixes will be done.

  • MMS 2.x.y

    MMS 2.x.y is under active development and its highly recommended to start development on MMS 2.x.y if you are starting fresh on Mobicents Media Server

The following table shows comparision between MMS 1.x.y and MMS 2.x.y

Standalone MMS Server Not available Available
Embedded in JBoss AS JBoss AS 4.X.Y JBoss AS 5.X.Y
MGCP Support MGCP Support available via MGCP JAIN SLEE Service (SBB). Hence to use MGCP control protocol one needs to install JAIN SLEE Server, MGCP RA and mgcp-controller-sbb service MGCP Controller is inbuilt with MMS. No SLEE required
JSR-309 Support Not available JSR-309 is availale which uses MGCP as MS control protocol
MSC API Available. This is custom API developed by Mobicents Media Server. Not available
Performance Compared to 2.x.y, 1.x.y has very high Jitter problems due to large number of threads used. It uses plain sockets for RTP Very less Jitter as compared to 1.x.y. It uses NIO for RTP
Basic Architecture MMS 1.x.y is built on JMX Microkernel. No flexibility of deciding the media-path for endpoints. For example for IVR, DTMF detection will be used irrespective of application may use it or not. MMS 2.x.y is built on top of Jboss Microcontainer. Flexibility of defining the media-path for endpoints. For example if application will never detect DTMF but only recording, the DTMF detector media component can be completely removed from IVR endpoint and hence save some processing.

Road Map

The complete roadmap and features already implemented is available at Road Map.

Below is the highlevel roadmap that we are planing to implement in near future.

  1. Support for SS7. Look at public page for further details here
    • B-Channel Endpoint
    • D-Channel Endpoint
  2. Support for Video
    • H.261
  3. Tone Generation/Detection Support
    • Busy
    • Congestion
  4. Text To Speech (TTS) Support
  5. Speech Recognition Support
  6. Controllers
    • MEGACO
    • MSML