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Mobicents MGCP Downloads

The latest release of Mobicents MGCP Stack is 2_0_0_GA and recommended one. Browse all files here

This is a community project and, as such is not supported with an SLA.

Any questions or problems can be raised through our User forums where we will provide our best efforts to assist. This project is included in the JBoss Communications Platform for which a support subscription is available.


Name Description Size Released License
2.0.0.GA Stable Release (Recommended) 136.7 KB 6-May-2010 GPL Download Notes
2.0.0.CR4 Candidate Release 155.20 KB 17-Jul-2009 GPL Download Notes
2.0.0.CR3 Candidate Release 155.20 KB 3-Jun-2009 GPL Download Notes
2.0.0.CR2 Candidate Release 134.86 KB 24-May-2009 GPL Download Notes
2.0.0.CR1 Candidate Release 102.84 KB 04-Feb-2009 GPL Download Notes