The Open Source SLEE and SIP Server

Mobicents Sip Servlets

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This section explains, for people interested in contributing to Mobicents Sip Servlets, how to to setup the IDE. We currently supports only Eclipse. Although if you're willing to help contributing support for other IDEs, we would gladly welcome that


Checkout the Mobicents sip servlets project from the source with the following command

svn checkout

mobicents-sip-servlets --username your.username 

Set up the environment variable CATALINA_HOME and make it the same as your tomcat root installation by example E:\servers\apache-tomcat-6.0.14 or Set up the environment variable JBOSS_HOME and make it the same as your tomcat root installation by example E:\servers\jboss-4.2.3.GA depending on which server you want to deploy
From the command line and within the newly created mobicents-sip-servlets directory call
mvn clean install
mvn clean install -P jboss
if you want to deploy to jboss)
For more information check Mobicents Sip Servlets on Tomcat installation instructions or Mobicents Sip Servlets on JBoss installation instructions


Start your Eclipse 3.4 and create a mobicents-sip-servlets workspace (you can create wherever you want even make it point to the newly created mobicents-sip-servlets directory)

Now you'll need to create the M2_REPO variable so that Eclipse can locate the dependencies jar files.
To do that click on the 'Window' menu, then Preferences. On the popup, click on Java->Build Path->ClassPath variables as shown in the screenshot below

You'll need to create the M2_REPO variable by clicking the new button in the popup.
Then fill out the input text fields with Name = M2_REPO and Value = "the location of your maven 2 repository" (which is usually located at on your filesystem at "your user directory"/.m2/repository) Then click the OK button as shown on the sreenshot below

All the eclipse metadata information is already present in the svn trunk so you'll just need to import the different projects and that should work out of the box
Now click on File->Import then in the popup click on General->Existing projects into workspace and click on Next as shown in the screenshot below

In the new screen of the popup, click on the Browse button and select the mobicents-sip-servlets directory (that has been created by the svn checkout) and import all the projects (except the www-sip-servlets project) as shown in the screenshot below

And in the screenshot below is the final result of the newly created mobicents-sip-servlets Eclipse workspace. You're now ready to contribute to Mobicents Sip Servlets ! :-)

Mobicents Sip Servlets