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Mobicents Sip Servlets

This page is obsolete : More detailed and better looking installation instructions are available from the Mobicents Sip Servlets User Guide

The Seam Telco Framework (STF)

On top of JBoss Seam , Sip Servlets and MSC API (from Mobicents Media Server), we have built another framework that allows you to handle SIP and Media events in your Seam components. The STF application are extremely lean and simple to code. You could use it for both rapid prototyping or real applications. There are a number of other advantages to using Seam - easier to mix Web and SIP and Media components, hot deployment with JBoss Tools, unified component model, transaction management, IoC, AOP and many others. Click here to read the complete documentation of The Seam Telco Framework. There are a number of examples you can see in the documentation. We are also building our Mobicents IPBX using STF.

Using JBoss Seam as a Web Framework without STF

Seam is also a great Web framework. You can use it for the Web GUI of your Telco Applications without depending on STF. Seam comes with many AJAX-enabled components from A4J and Richfaces, it also has a great integration with the enterprise middle-ware features in JBoss. Mobicents Sip Servlets has been tested heavily with Seam and we have two example application that can help you get started - Shopping Demo and Mobicents IPBX

Mobicents Sip Servlets