The Open Source SIP Presence Service


The Mobicents SIP Presence Service (MSPS) provides presence functionalities to SIP-based networks using standards developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). It is comprised of three separate but interrelated servers:

Mobicents SIP Presence Service servers

XDM Server

The XML Document Management Server (XDMS) is a functional element of next-generation IP communications networks is responsible for handling the management of user XML documents stored on the network side, such as presence authorization rules, static presence information, contact and group lists (also known as resource lists), policy data, and many others.

The XDMS includes the following XCAP Application Usages:

Presence Server

The SIP Presence Server (PS) is an entity that accepts, stores and distributes SIP Presence Information. The PS performs the following functions:

  • It manages publications from one or multiple presence source(s) of a certain presentity. This includes refreshing presence information, replacing existing presence information with newly-published information, or removing presence information.

  • It manages subscriptions from watchers to presence information and generates notifications about presence information state changes, retrieving the presence authorization rules from the XDM Server.

  • It manages subscriptions from watcher information subscribers to watcher information and generates notifications about watcher information state changes.

Resource List Server

The Resource List Server (RLS) handles subscriptions to presence lists. It creates and manages back-end subscriptions to all resources in the presence list. The list content is retrieved from the XDM Server.

Mobicents SIP Presence Service Implementation

The Mobicents SIP Presence Service servers, depending on your needs, can be deployed separately, or all can be integrated in a single server.

Mobicents SIP Presence Service Integrated server

The Mobicents SIP Presence Services is built on top of Mobicents JAIN SLEE 2.x, a high performance and scalable Application Server, and uses many additional Java Enterprise (JEE) technologies, such as Java Persistence API (JPA) to manage data.

Mobicents SIP Presence Service Integrated implementation

In addition, there are JAIN SLEE internal client interfaces available for interaction with each server, which distinguishes Mobicents SIP Presence Service from other presence services, which does not support plugging additional applications, or make it considerably difficult to achieve that.